Frank Turner's Lost Evenings III

Just announced: Paul will be joining Frank Turner’s Lost Evening III concert series in Boston, MA on the first of four nights of shows (Thursday May 16th). The main stage for the evening will see sets from Frank Turner (solo), Louden Wainwright III, Jenny Owen Youngs, and Hayley Thompson-King. Paul will be performing a solo set on the Nick Alexander stage along with Micah Schnabel, Jinty McGrath, and Amanda Rose Riley.

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Lucero Show 2.20.19

The sold-out show at Club Cafe (Pittsburgh) in January was a hell of way to kick off the new year. Thanks to all who braved the weather! Next up, Paul is supporting Lucero with a solo set at Mr. Small’s Theater in Millvale, PA. Tickets here: - and don’t wait, this one normally sells out too!

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In recent months, I've been on shows supporting Peter Case, Shawn Mullins, Levi Lowrey, Malcolm Holcombe, and a night in Buffalo with Flogging Molly. Been all around the U.S. and a few beautiful days in Canada. Thanks to everyone who has come out and supported. Hope to see you again soon. Here are some shots from the road. More memories and dates to come. - paul

THE ALL SCENE EYE | Perfect Imperfection: the Making of Paul Luc’s Bad Seed

Take an in-depth look at the making of Bad Seed HERE.

From the rich organ and steel guitar textures of “Restless Mind,” to the galloping drum rolls of the title track, to the intimate acoustic guitar fingerpicking of “Where All the Time Goes,” everything is in its right place, anchored by Luc’s thoughtful wordplay and storytelling.
— The All Scene Eye


10 New Artists You Need to Know: January 2018 - read the full article here.

Paul Luc was on the fast track to corporate-executive status when according to him, he woke up one day and said, “Screw it, I’m out.” Ever since he’s been honing a straight-talking knack for killer, deep-thinking turns of phrase...
— Rolling Stone / Chris Parton



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Pop Matters premiere of the 2nd single from BAD SEED called "Restless Mind". READ MORE & LISTEN HERE. 

As he croons, Luc carries a distinct tinge of light gravel to his mostly crystalline vocals that give him that extra bit of a compelling edge as his tone dances him across first-person narratives of emotions that we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.

All in all, Luc is a consummate musician and an exceptional 21st century bard who knows his way around evoking complex emotions in song.
— Pop Matters / Jonathan Frahm
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